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Evaluating Magnolia CMS


A multinational embarking on the relaunch of its regional web sites.


IT management is evaluating a handful of enterprise level content management systems. Besides cost, key considerations are ease of integration with existing systems and ease of use for editorial and administration tasks. Members of the technical team are assisting.


Key management figures have participated in a face-to-face demonstration of Magnolia CMS, but need the technical team to evaluate the system hands-on without committing to a commercial license agreement. Good technical awareness of the advantages of using an open suite Java-based system means that Magnolia CMS is a strong contender. Everyone knows there is nothing like hands on experience to see the real power of a system.


The technical team downloads and starts working with Magnolia CMS EE bundle. The EE bundle provides full access to all of the features of Magnolia CMS - with no licensing commitment after the 30 day trial.


Given one month to evaluate Magnolia CMS from a technical, editorial and administrative perspective, the team submits a strong recommendation to consider Magnolia CMS as primary candidate. The evaluation team summarizes its evaluation as:

  • flexible API, offering high-integration capabilities;
  • modern, sleek easy-to-use interface - perfect for non technical editorial staff;
  • Java-based content repository;
  • use-case based, ready-to-use templates (STK);
  • app development capabilities, offering high configuration ops for administration and integration;
  • powerful personalization mechanism meaning different targets get different content.

Learn more: Magnolia Academy

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