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The Magnolia CMS Associate Developer Certificate is live. We just haven't made a big deal of it. For now we are gathering data on who wants to take the exam. The results of this will determine how we fine-tune the official, 'official' launch. If the stars align, this should be in mid January.

And if the stars don't align?                                                                                 

It will still be mid January and I will ensure that you can pay for the exam using an invoice based system as opposed to simply inserting your credit card details and signing up. Some of you may even get the take the exam with a hefty discount - just for being early on the uptake and showing your support for an initiative that took a good deal of coordination and effort. But first you need to show an interest. (smile)  And you can do that here.

I don't like clicking links without seeing the URL.                                                                                                                                                                                           

It is safe - it just takes you to a page on corp web that looks like this:

You insert your details. You get a brief  'thank you'. And then we will contact you. As always, feel free to write to me at Not to apply for the test, but about Academy and whatever. I am happy to answer reasonable questions.

Can I rant?

Rants are acceptable - but if only if you have a better alternative to whatever is annoying you. (smile)

Cool. Now remind me what the Associate Developer Cert means?

"The cert provides a minimum assurance that you understand the basics of Magnolia CMS. You can begin working on a Magnolia CMS project as a member of a team of developers." See the Academy page: Magnolia Certification Program

Has anybody taken the exam yet?             

Yes they have. Different versions in fact. We recently opened an office in Vietnam and we have used the ADC exam as a means of testing how even our own developers are getting on. And we have tested the exam out on joe public too. Feedback from 'testing the test' has been invaluable to ensuring that it accurately meets our requirements.

Is it really, really hard?

No, but it is really, really fair. It will only be really, really hard if you haven't gone through Academy and Official Documentation. And it will be incredibly hard if you haven't even downloaded the system and started trying to create some templates, do some basic app configuration (HINT).

What kind of questions can I expect?                                                                                                                                                                                    

You can be sure that they will not be of the sort-

'What is the dominant colour of the Magnolia CMS UI?"  A - Indigo, B - Green, C- Blue

They might be more along the lines of -

'What two properties does a template definition require?' A - x & y,  B - m & q, C - a & b  

And where is Magnolia Academy at these days?

Academy still remains one of our powerhouse resources. 8k page views a month. Average session is 7.30 mins, which is where it leveled off after an all time high of over 8.30 mins.

I'm not interested in stats, you can spin those any way you want; I am interested in content. Has much changed?                             

Yes, the Academy has undergone massive structural changes. Too many to mention here. And now it is going to change again.

Oh? o_0   

One of the insights gained from analyzing the exam results and feedback is that people need to learn more templating. So that is exactly where my focus is going to be. You will see the results of this at the end of the week of Monday 8th December.                       

Right now the Templating course looks like this.


It's only going to be an interim solution - but it is a start and it will lead a lot more in the new year.

So what is the pipeline for the new year?                                                                                                                                                                                                             

In 2015 Academy gets a revamp and part of that revamp is that we are going back to the conceptual roots. The original Academy plan was to show you how to build a wesbite from scratch. Some of the existing content is going to the grave, some of it is staying. Alongside tried and trusted material will be a series of videos all about a single sample website.  

Single, sample website... So finally the videos will be connected ?

That is the idea.                                 


Starting with Maven and working our way through template definitions, template scripts, model classes, site definition creation - all the way through actual web site setup, you will learn all of the core front and backend mechanisms in Magnolia CMS including apps for content data. That is promise. And as with the whole Academy project and as with Certification - we will deliver. 

There may be another blog before the new year. If not, have a peaceful Christmas - and thanks for hanging in there!

Gavan Stockdale

Product Manager for Online Services

Magnolia Academy


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