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Content: Introduction to apps in Magnolia CMS. Covers basic customizations to the Magnolia UI (ordering of apps), how to restrict access to specific app functions (actions) and even includes a tutorial on how to create your own content app.


Why is this important?

An app is a tool with a very narrowly focused interface that enables you to work on one set of closely related tasks or one specific set of data. As a developer you should be able to customize the experience of target work groups by customizing the UI and existing apps - and by creating new apps as needed.

The Magnolia Travels demo site

Magnolia 5.4 is out now! This release includes a brand new demo project called Magnolia Travels. This is a full website that demonstrates how you can enhance your web development with custom apps. Make sure you watch the Magnolia Travels video.



A quick look at the parts of an app.

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