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Unit content:

Why is this important?

Templates ensure that page structure and presentation remain consistent while the content varies from one page to another. Understanding the Magnolia CMS templating mechanism is key to understanding how to build great websites. Think of any great corporate website - the look and feel of the site remains consistent as you navigate the site.

Get the Magnolia Travels demo site

To help you get a feel for the new templating approach we highly recommend that you use the Magnolia Enterprise bundle available on request. This will help you to understand the different approaches to configuring templates.


Development goals

  • Learn about the basic template types
  • Understand the templating mechanism
  • Know how to define a template in the Configuration app
  • Get an overview of Magnolia Templating Essentials. A minimum templating framework that comes with the Magnolia Travels website.

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  1. Need a unit on RENDERING