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A look at the role of content creators in Magnolia.

Creating and using content

Content authoring

This video uses our new demo project - Magnolia Travels - to showcase some of the editing features of Magnolia CMS. Note that the speaker refers to AdminCentral, this is usually called the App Launcher screen in Academy.

Media content creators

When you think of a traditional website you probably think of someone writing content and then uploading it to the site - or writing directly in the CMS. This is true in many cases - such as for a magazine or a news based website. These are what we might call media focused content creators.

Pages app

Media content creators could be marketing people, journalists, content managers, etc. They will often work in the Magnolia Pages and Assets apps - though not exclusively (as we demonstrate in our video on content authoring). Besides writing and manipulating content, these users add pages to the web property, can decide the order and layout of the pages etc. They may run campaigns and have different people working on different sections of the site.


Business content creators

Today there are many scenarios where a Magnolia content creator may have very little to do with the world of typical online media. They may never even see the Pages app. Their role is purely business focused or business continuity focused.

Working onsite

Picture someone working with a tablet device in a warehouse. She signs into Magnolia via the company intranet. (Magnolia is an online application; not a piece of software on her machine). In the Magnolia UI in her web-browser she sees just two apps that have been tailor-made for her requirements. She uses the apps to add product details such as quantities, descriptions and cost prices.

In this case the content creator works in supply chain management and has very little interaction with the editorial staff for the company website. The content she adds is a logistical link in a business chain represented to the public as the corporate website.


Two apps in the Magnolia UI

Data extraction

In another scenario, a product manager for a cosmetics product manufacturer uses a custom analytics app in the Magnolia UI to gauge customer interest in particular product lines based on click-through rates and direct-from-site purchases. The data are provided in real time, prior to sales reports and can be isolated by region, customer segment etc.

The product manager extracts the data so to make informative suggestions to marketing - who can then create more business relevant online content. Additionally the data help inform decisions about other potential product lines, product packaging, pricing and so on. 

In this case Magnolia becomes a tool for two way content creation; it supplies content to the market and the market supplies data to the content creators.

Magnolia and IoT

IoT is a catch-all term for the interaction between everyday day devices, business and the internet. While the term IoT may feel new and uncertain, the business reality of IoT is quite secure. At our last conference we showed how Magnolia can be used as part of a beacon based marketing strategy - again, redefining the concept of content creation. A video on this topic can be found here. We even have a tutorial on creating an IoT beacon app for Magnolia in Course 2 Professional Developer.


We currently do not certify individuals that use Magnolia for creating content. Instead we focus on certifying the people that are responsible for ensuring that the task of adding and manipulating content - be it text or media - is kept as simple as possible. The people with these skills are Magnolia developers.

Gavan Stockdale

Product Manager for Online Services


An overview of the developer certification program.

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