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There are multiple ways you can get a copy of Magnolia right now.

Evaluation offers


  1. Request a 30 day trial license for Enterprise Edition bundle

    Get a copy of the software with a host of modules. This allows you to see much of the potential functionality - and decide what you need when you start your own project.

  2. Request Community Edition

    As per EE, but with a reduced feature set. No workflow or personalisation.

  3. New! Magnolia on demand

    You get a personal Magnolia instance on our servers. Get to see all the functionality that we provide with our EE evaluation bundle - plus some extra functionality that is exclusive to the ondemand setup.

Magnolia bundle

What is a bundle?

By bundle we mean that we give you a set of things you need besides the core software. You get

  • two copies of Magnolia - one for authoring and one that shows authored content as a website;
  • Tomcat web server.

Do I need any other software?


You need to install the Java Development Kit:

 Magnolia runs on:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Solaris

Video: How to download, install and start Magnolia

Start the system

Note - For our on-demand trial you will be provided with urls and personal login details.

1 Extract the system to your local directory

  • PC C:\Program Files
  • Mac /Applications/

2 Run with command line

  • PC cd C:\Program Files\magnolia-enterprise-5.4\apache-tomcat-7.0.47\bin
  • Mac cd /Applications/magnolia-enterprise-5.4/apache-tomcat-7.0.47/bin/

3 Start .\ start

Check the version number of Magnolia and of Apache Tomcat!

Get a free demo website called 'Magnolia Travels'

Magnolia 5.4 is out now! This release includes a brand new demo project called Magnolia Travels. This is a full website that demonstrates key features in Magnolia such as Personalization, Marketing tags and multi-site functionality. The site showcases the simplicity of the Magnolia templating mechanism and provides an insight into how you can enhance your web development with custom apps. Other features include simple file-based configuration and fine-grained user access.


Starter tutorials. Different ways to start a Magnolia project.


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