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This video is based on the brand new Hello Magnolia tutorial in our Official Documentation. Our focus with Magnolia 5.4 was to make it easier for non Java developers to work with Magnolia.

This video is aimed at developers. To learn about authoring go to: M1 Getting started and watch our great video at the start of the Academy: Creating content in Magnolia.

You need

  • Magnolia
  • JDK
  • Text editor

Your development goals are

  1. Download and get Magnolia running
  2. Create a custom page template
  3. Create a dialog to enable content creation in the UI
  4. Create an area for components

Starter video 1 - Hello Magnolia

Get Magnolia running and then create your first template. No IDE required. Start by getting Magnolia and then just follow the steps in the tutorial. To see the full power and simplicity of Magnolia get a trial copy of Magnolia Enterprise Edition. 

10 minute payback

Once Magnolia is running, within 10 minutes you will have your own custom template ready for content. All of the concepts here (templates, pages, areas, components etc.) are also covered in detail throughout Magnolia Academy.


Using Maven to get a Magnolia project running.

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