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Quick overview of Magnolia Academy and other helpful resources. 


Why Magnolia Academy?

We want to help you to become a full Magnolian. That means someone that loves our system and knows how to use Magnolia to create compelling digital experiences. Magnolia Academy is about teaching you to work with world-class software - made in Switzerland by some of the brightest people in the business.

Introducing Magnolia

Magnolia Academy is not a standalone resource and should only be used as an introduction to the world of Magnolia. All our partners and customers are encouraged to do instructor led training.

Helping you do your best - and have some fun too

There are more than 30 videos for you to watch and follow in Magnolia Academy. All are free to view. No log-in required. Some show you how to develop; some how to build your web property - and some just how to play with the UI.

Elegance and excellence

Magnolia combines the best of Swiss design with the engineering excellence of an international team of dedicated developers. Using Magnolia should be an enjoyable and productive experience. This is why we have created what is probably the most beautiful user interface in this class of software.

Get your skills recognized!

An Associate Developer has a solid understanding of the basics of Magnolia and can begin working on a CE or EE project. This certification is free for all attendees of standard training. Now available to anyone that purchases an exam token. See our corporate website to learn how to apply.

 Magnolia Services

The Magnolia services team is at the forefront of customer and partner contact, providing insight, guidance and solutions at all stages of project development - from kick-off to deployment and maintenance. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. Our subject matter experts and consultants work with partners and customers at all stages of project development, providing on-demand consultancy, developer training and workshops.

Training and certification programs

Besides ensuring that your projects are sustainable and built to best practices, we run the Magnolia training and certification programs and are responsible for Magnolia Academy. Learn more at:

Get in touch

If you have any queries in regard to our online training and certification just contact us at We always reply. 

Other free Magnolia resources

  • Official Documentation - Available free to the public and should be used in conjunction with our product and with Magnolia Academy. This is the primary resource for all technical content about Magnolia.
  • Enterprise Edition evaluation offer - Register now for a 30 day trial. Community Edition is free forever but does not have the same enterprise benefits. 
  • Online demo - Our live demos showcase the strengths of Magnolia via a state of the art website with preset user types. Resets every 30 mins. 
  • Make sure you join our forum. We have an earnest and open community of developers that have shown time and again a willingness to help total strangers on the other side of the planet.
  • Community wiki - We are a community ethos company. We are proud of our product and invite you to join our wiki. Have your say on how to best work with Magnolia and help us make Magnolia even better going forward!


A quick look at some of the key front-end features of Magnolia.



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