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Content: Tutorial on creating custom workflows in Magnolia EE. No. of units: 2

Contributor acknowledgement
  • These tutorials were written by Richard Gange, a regular contributor to Academy and an experienced developer based in the Magnolia International Miami office.
  • Workflow is an Enterprise Edition feature. If you are working with CE and want to go pro, contact us here.

Why is this important?

Out of the box, Magnolia Enterprise Edition comes with four-eye workflow. For many business cases this is sufficient. An editor updates the content on a page. She previews, publishes, comments and saves. The save action starts the workflow. The Publisher instantly sees the publication notification in Pulse  and then decides to approve and publish or to reject the content changes. However, depending on your business needs there may be scope for customization. With Magnolia 5 you can create the workflow of your choice.

About these tutorials

  • The first tutorial shows how to create a simple email workflow in Magnolia 5.3+ using Eclipse Luna and the BPMN modeler plugin. Essentially this tutorial is the same as M3 Customizing a workflow but has been updated to work with workflow 5.4. Screenshots have also been updated for the new version of Eclipse.

  • The second tutorial shows the steps necessary to create a six-eye workflow in Magnolia 5.3.x. For this example we will assume that the legal department must approve all new content published as well as the publishing group. So we will have an editor which provides the first set of eyes, someone from the legal group providing the second set of eyes, and finally someone from the publishing group to provide the third set of eyes in this workflow. Some of the detail has been left off this tutorial since it was covered in Email Workflow in Magnolia 5.3+ using Eclipse Luna.

Who is this module aimed at?

  • Back-end developers


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