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Fun video tutorials to get you started with Magnolia as a developer.

Video 1 - Hello Magnolia

Get Magnolia running and then create your first template. No IDE.

What is the focus and content of the Hello Magnolia tutorial?

YAML - The focus of this tutorial is on templating by file. You get to add a template to an existing template selection. 

Magnolia bundle - This tutorial uses the Tomcat bundled edition of Magnolia. The bundle provides everything you need to get started, including MTE - a minimum set of templates that we customized to develop our demo website, Magnolia Travels. 

Magnolia Travels - The Magnolia bundle brings a beautiful, state of the art website that you can use as a tool for learning how to work with Magnolia - including apps, a unique Magnolia feature. 

What is required? 

Start by getting a free copy of Magnolia and then just follow the steps in the tutorial. To see the full power of Magnolia download a trial copy of Magnolia Enterprise Edition. Once Magnolia is running, within 10 minutes you will have your own custom template ready for content. This video is based on the brand new Hello Magnolia tutorial in our Official Documentation.

 Go to the Hello Magnolia tutorial

Video 2 - Hello World

Get a minimal Magnolia webapp and create your first template. You need an IDE.

 What is the focus and content of the Hello World tutorial?  

Maven - The focus of this tutorial is on using Maven to obtain Magnolia and then to create a template module, followed by a very basic template. 

Minimal setup - You learn how to obtain a 'minimal' Magnolia setup. This is a typical professional development approach. 

Modules - Take or develop what you need; you pick the modules, apps etc. that your project requires. 

 What is required?

 You should already be familiar with working with an IDE and with Maven. You learn how to get Magnolia from our Nexus repository. IDE Required. Create your first template. For EE you will need Nexus credentials. CE is available to anyone. To learn about setting up Maven and accessing our Nexus repo. please see

Go to the Hello World tutorial

Video 3 - Create an app   

Create your first simple app. Magnolia must be running. No IDE.

What is the focus and content of the Create an app tutorial?

Content app - The focus of this tutorial is on how simple it is to create one of the unique aspects of Magnolia - apps. 

Configuration app - Learn the basics how to use our powerful configuration app to create a new feature on the Magnolia UI.

What is required?

Start by getting a free copy of Magnolia and then just follow the steps in the tutorial. Alternative, follow Video 2 and then do this exercise when Magnolia is running. This video predates our Magnolia Travels demo site where the Magnolia Tours app provides editable content through an isolated app exposed to specific users.

  Go the tutorial

Combine the skills

To get serious with Magnolia, try combining the knowledge you gain from the tutorials. Use Maven to get an empty webapp. Next, fetch the modules you need. You will need to know about module dependency.

If you think you are ready for this, fast forward to 6.3.4 Some base modules. There we look at a recommended selection of modules to start with. When your project is running, try your hand at templating with YAML and create your first content app! 


Hello Magnolia. A simple quick start video that shows how to get Magnolia running and how to create your first template using a simple text editor.

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