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I am new to Maven and am having problems getting it set up locally.


I used the magnolia-project-archetype to create a new problem. After a build I get this error-

info.magnolia.module.model.reader.ModuleDependencyException: The following exceptions were found while checking Magnolia modules dependencies (i.e. those in META-INF/magnolia/my-module.xml): Module Magnolia Mail Module (version 5.2.0) is dependent on dam version 2.0/*, which was not found.


Edit your the webapp pom.xml, adding 

<dependency> <groupId>info.magnolia.dam</groupId> <artifactId>magnolia-dam-core</artifactId> </dependency>


 Activating content

 I tried to activate some content but got an error message. What is wrong?

When you start up your project, there is only one instance running. If you try to activate content you will see an error message, such as:

error detected:Not able to send the activation request[http://localhost:8080/magnoliaPublic/.magnolia/activation]:http://localhost:8080/magnoliaPublic/.magnolia/activation
For a full Magnolia CMS setup there should be an author and at least one public instance. A Public instance is a subscriber to an Author Instance. See: However, for development purposes you don't need a public instance. These errors are not grave. 

To avoid seeing error messages related to activation, go to Configuration app and under set the subscribers node set the active node to false

Logging in

I deployed the .war in a JBoss EAP container.  When I log in as superuser/superuser or Eric and Peter I see the following error:

Error during login. Please try again.

iou need to configure Magnolia's login modules in JBoss login-config.xml. See

Best practice

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