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What happens next?
First - thank you for taking the time to share your input.

We want to set expectations transparently, it is unlikely that we will be able to implement your suggestion in a short time frame. And we may never implement it, even if we agree it is a great idea. The reason is that we have many established priorities and projects, and strive to create the overall best product we can to serve all of our existing customers and to continue to lead in the industry.

Magnolia's product team will review the suggestions. We try to review new recieves all suggestions, and we typically review suggestions on a weekly basis.
We will corelate your input with other suggestions (sometimes closing a suggestion as a duplicate and merging the information) in this case we will add a vote to the remaining ticket. And we will link your suggestion with any open related JIRA tickets or wiki pages so that it can continue to act as evidence and input to the entire Magnolia team.

Your input will be taken into consideration as we update our roadmap and plan our features. 

The Suggestions

If you would like to browse the suggestions, you can take a look at the JIRA SUGGEST project.

Suggestion ticket status overview

Status as of March 10, 2020:  212 total tickets. 58 closed tickets.

Here is a diagram of the live status: 

Jira Charts
serverMagnolia - Issue tracker

See all of the suggestions

See the closed suggestions

serverMagnolia - Issue tracker