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Comment: Document migration UX guidelines
titlePlease keep updated
  • if you came looking for something and not found it here, please fill it afterwards
  • if you work on an app migration
    • update the app's row and
    • make sure reality is reflected in columns and
    • make sure introduced changes in columns are reflected in the migrated app.


First from the UX perspective:

Apps and app-launcher

  1. Migrated apps must have the same canonical, unsuffixed labels as before.
  2. Migrated apps must be in their original group (e.g. Edit, Manage, Target).
  3. If bundled, old apps must be hidden from the app-launcher by default.

  4. Migrated and old apps are labelled the same („Pages” and „Pages”), see full reasoning below.
    • Developers may—and should—adjust their app-launcher layout as appropriate to distinguish apps during the migration effort (e.g. by creating an "old apps" group).
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Here’s our conclusion re: Labeling old and new apps in app launcher

We need to differentiate btw 2 user groups:

  • Group 1: Developers migrating to 6.2 > they prefer to have old and new apps at the same time, so they can test, compare, do the migration work etc. / it is also most likely an interim situation
  • Group 2: Editors > they prefer to have only one app otherwise they will be confused which one to use.

Group 1 is a small and exceptional user group compared to Group 2. Therefore (in favor for group 2) we agreed not to label old and new apps as a default, they are named the same („Pages” and „Pages”).

But in the migration guidelines we should:

  • Provide clear guidelines to migrate the full content (e.g. all pages in one go) and from then only use the new app
  • Point out the case for developers and also provide them supporting guidelines such as
  • create new app group „M5 apps” and move old apps into there
  • rename/decorate the app label as they wish
  • configure a role based setup
  • etc.


  1. Column headers must preserve their original caption.
  2. Columns must preserve their original width or expand-ratio

App "names" (IDs)

From this technical perspective, we acknowledge app IDs are tricky to change for already migrated apps, and therefore realigning them is not a critical goal for migrations.
For newly ported apps, we should consider suffixing old app names with -m5 , and using the previous, unsuffixed name for the new one (as per consensus on the Jira ticket).

This should be especially easier on "less central" apps than Pages, Assets, etc.

To do:

  •  Standardise new/old labels and new app-ids 
    serverMagnolia - Issue tracker
  •  M5 label after migration column can be removed, if the M5 app label in M6 is predictably derived from the M5 app label in M5 E.g. Pages, Pages 5  Some of the apps are not present in the Documentation's List of apps - marked as