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Magnolia Travels

Magnolia 5.4 (alpha) is available for download now. This release includes a brand new demo project called Magnolia Travels. This is a full website that demonstrates some of the new EE features in Magnolia - such as personalization & marketing tags. The site also showcases new features in CE & EE such as Magnolia Templating Essentials and the Site module. Additionally you get to see how to enhance your web development using typical Magnolia features such as Content apps and Categorization.

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 Welcome to Magnolia Academy

Part of the Magnolia Training & Certification Program

   Welcome to Magnolia Academy


 Video based training portal for Magnolia. Open to everyone, everywhere. Free and online 24/7 


What is Magnolia?  

Magnolia is an


advanced digital

platform for advanced content management and strategic business integrations. Magnolia provides comprehensive customer experiences for some of the world's biggest brands. 

Get the system

Register for a 30 day Enterprise Edition license now. Community Edition is 100% free.    

business platform with a CMS at its core. Enterprises such as Airbus Group, Al Arabiya, Avis and Virgin America use Magnolia as the central hub for their web, mobile and IoT initiatives. Magnolia is a privately held company, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. 

What is Magnolia Academy?

100% free training. For everyone.

Magnolia Academy is a free video and Q&A based training resources for anyone that wants to learn Magnolia quickly. No sign-up. No login.


Start here 

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Advanced Panelboxes for Confluence
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Start now to get your first Magnolia project up and running.

Get Magnolia now! 

Register for a 30 day Enterprise Edition license now. That is all you need to do to get started. Community Edition is 100% free. 

>  Start YOUR Magnolia training now  < 

Get your Magnolia skills recognized!  Be a Certified Associate Developer!

What is an Associate Developer?

Image AddedAn Associate Developer has a solid understanding of the basics of Magnolia and can begin working on a CE or EE project. This certification is free for all attendees of instructor-led training. Now available to anyone that purchases an exam token. Train at home and then take our online exam for a fraction of the cost of attending an instructor-led training session. 

You get -

  • a personalized pdf that links to our corporate website
  • a personal url to a unique page with your name, qualification and country
  • permission to use the Associate Developer logo on social media, your resume etc.
  •  access to further levels of certification that require Associate Developer status.


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Part of the Magnolia International Training and Certification Program

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