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Associate Developer Learn how to use recommended technologies to create a brand new project. Magnolia lets you integrate all the different pieces of your digital infrastructure - providing easy-to-use, task-focused apps and providing your customers with a great experience on every digital touchpoint that matters. The first step in the process is knowing how to build a Magnolia project.

Unit 1 - Developer FAQ   

 U1 Developer FAQ

Unit 2 - Project architecture

Learn about how a project is structured and about the different kinds of folders and files in a project. U2 Project architecture

Unit 3 - Project setup  

U3 Project setup

Unit 4 - Deployment strategies 

Learn how to share configuration.  U4 Deployment strategies

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  1. Tuesday night is... Magnolia night at the baby disco!

    C5 Starting a project
    Table shows:
     - Module 1 - Project analysis
     - Module 2 - Project setup
     - Module 3 - Migrating to Magnolia CMS 5
     And index is showing:
     - M1 Project setup process
     - M2 Project architecture
     - M3 Migrating to V5
     I would also check the links (Start Module 1, Start Module 2 and Start Module 3).

    M1... M2...
    Just in case you want same structure in all modules.
    For example, i can see:
    @M1 Templating introduction
    it is shown:
    Content: Templating concept and types of templates. Also covers templating mechanism, dialogs, Model Class and when you need custom templates. Target audience: Back-end & front-end developers. No. of units: 4 and then 'Why is this important'.
    @M1 Interface basics
    it is shown 'Why is this important'.

    At other modules, it is shown 'Content' and 'No. of units' only.

    I find the 3 items of information (Content, Target audience and No. of units) very useful. I miss them (and cry) when they are not there. Also i would not show them all together in the same paragraph. Each one in its own line/paragraph, or bullet points.

    M1 Project setup process
    @Development goals: it is shown ordered list items first (1, 2, 3) and two unordered list items (bullet points) afterwards.

    I am not checking links. Just one or two, but most of them i don't.
    In a project i worked time ago i developed a very simple class that checked if links were broken. And writing in a file the URLs that were broken. I don't know if Magnolia has something like this. If not, remind me when i complete the Academy.