Magnolia Academy Walkthrough

Total time: ~7 min

To help you get started quickly, we have created a short walkthrough video that will give you all the information you need to navigate the [...]

Magnolia Hands on Demo – Walkthrough

Total time: ~15 min

Get an introduction to Magnolia, and see how easy and intuitive the Magnolia UI is, the possibility to search the full content repository of [...]

Magnolia Hands on Demo – Content Editing

Total time: ~25 min

In this demo series, we'll also look at the Magnolia platform from a content editor's perspective, such as editing content with [...]

Magnolia Hands on Demo – Rollouts

Total time: ~15 min

We'll be covering the content publication and rollout process with Magnolia. We simplify the complex by automating rollout tasks so you [...]

Magnolia Hands on Demo – Personalization

Total time: ~16 min

Personalization is here to stay, and Magnolia makes it easier than ever. This demo will show you how easy it is to define personas and [...]

M6.2 - Update Training

Total time: ~20 min

In this course, you will learn the relevant topics added to Magnolia 6.2 since Magnolia 5.7.

M6.2 - Headless Magnolia

Total time: ~1 day

Developers will learn how to build a React, Angular, or Vue site as a Magnolia template and create multiple REST endpoints to serve content [...]

M6.2 - Magnolia Author and Content Editor training

Total time: ~Half a day

The author training teaches you how to use Magnolia as an authoring tool to manage content, publish pages and build websites.

M6.2 - Content Types and Content Apps

Total time: ~Half a day

In this course, you will learn how to define new content types and manage them by building content apps.

M6.2 - Magnolia Light Development

Total time: ~2 h

Learn about the basics of Light Development in Magnolia to build websites quickly without the need to program in Java.

M6.2 - Magnolia for Front-end Developers

Total time: ~1 day

Learn about Light Development and Magnolia's CLI tool to build websites quickly without the need to program in Java.

M6.2 - REST Client Foundations

Total time: ~1 h

This program is intended to provide you the basic tools needed to integrate your own clients to be used as data sources rather than having to [...]

M6.2 - Magnolia App Launcher

Total time: ~4 min

With the new App Launcher, you get an improved authoring experience, navigate more efficiently, and streamline your work in Magnolia.

Introduction to PaaS

In this introductory course, you will delve into the world of Magnolia PaaS, exploring its features and benefits. Perfect for developers and [...]

PaaS Go Live

Total time: ~1 h

This short course will help you understand the most important factors to consider before going live, ensuring a smooth, successful go-live.

PaaS Platform Infrastructure

Total time: ~1.5 h

In this course, you will be exploring Magnolia PaaS infrastructure in greater depth by taking a crash course on Kubernetes and learning more [...]

PaaS Operations

Total time: ~70 min

In this course, you will learn about the importance of Magnolia backup and discuss topics around scaling volumes, disaster recovery, and [...]

PaaS Templates, Blueprints and Pipelines

Total time: ~1 h

This course provides you with an understanding of the process of creating and deploying a Magnolia web application into the cloud.


PaaS Telemetrics and Troubleshooting

Total time: ~80 min

PaaS Telemetrics and Troubleshooting is where you will learn the importance of effective telemetry and how to troubleshoot issues by [...]

PaaS Cockpit Self-Services

Total time: ~5 m

This course covers the basics of domains and ingresses. You will learn how to create a domain and validate it using CNAME records. The course [...]

PaaS Cache

Total time: ~7 m

In this course, you will learn about configuring various layers of caches in PaaS environments, including headless, backend, CDN, and [...]

Jamstack and Magnolia Masterclass

Total time: ~48 min

WYSIWYG pages preview and static site generation with Magnolia and Next.js.

Platform Blueprints (Classical, Headless) Masterclass

Total time: ~52 min

Deploy your first (headless) website in less than one hour on Magnolia PaaS using our blueprints.

Information Architecture Masterclass

Total time: ~45 min

Learn how to organize your content and functionality to ensure that your project is easy to understand and can be scaled with ease.

Marketing Optimization Masterclass

Total time: ~50 min

Master personalization, campaigns, and AB testing to create experiences for the right audience, at the right moment.

Helm and Kubernetes Masterclass

Total time: ~40 min

Deploy Magnolia on Kubernetes using proven Helm charts.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Masterclass

Total time: ~40 min

Optimize your content for search with Magnolia’s built-in SEO capabilities and our Siteimprove integration.

Headless Foundations Masterclass

Total time: ~48 min

Learn the why, what, and how of the key Magnolia headless technologies.

Content-Commerce Masterclass

Total time: ~55 min

Easily create content-driven shopping experiences with Magnolia and your e-commerce system of choice.

Caching and Frontend Performance Masterclass

Total time: ~25 min

Guidelines to improve the loading times of your pages.

Troubleshooting Masterclass

Total time: ~1 h

Your toolbox for performance tuning in Magnolia (Instrumentation module, logging, observing vs. testing, and more).

Delivering on Composable Commerce for the Enterprise Masterclass

Total time: ~65 min

In this Magnolia Masterclass, we’ll show you how a composable DXP for e-commerce built on Magnolia, along with Salesforce Commerce [...]

The Headless Accelerator by Magnolia Masterclass

Total time: ~49 min

Speed up your headless projects with one design system and one workflow - for any frontend.