Magnolia Front-end Learning Path

We prepared the front-end development learning path to teach you how to create websites in Magnolia without the need for Java programming.

This path begins with an introduction to light development and using Magnolia's CLI tool and progresses to more advanced topics such as building templates using popular JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.

You will then learn how to create multiple REST endpoints to serve content from Magnolia.

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M6.2 - Magnolia Author and Content Editor training

Total time: ~Half a day

The author training teaches you how to use Magnolia as an authoring tool to manage content, publish pages and build websites.

M6.2 - Magnolia Light Development

Total time: ~2 h

Learn about the basics of Light Development in Magnolia to build websites quickly without the need to program in Java.

M6.2 - Magnolia for Front-end Developers

Total time: ~1 day

Learn about Light Development and Magnolia's CLI tool to build websites quickly without the need to program in Java.

M6.2 - Content Types and Content Apps

Total time: ~Half a day

In this course, you will learn how to define new content types and manage them by building content apps.

M6.2 - REST Client Foundations

Total time: ~1 h

This program is intended to provide you the basic tools needed to integrate your own clients to be used as data sources rather than having to [...]

M6.2 - Headless Magnolia

Total time: ~1 day

Developers will learn how to build a React, Angular, or Vue site as a Magnolia template and create multiple REST endpoints to serve content [...]

Headless Foundations Masterclass

Total time: ~48 min

Learn the why, what, and how of the key Magnolia headless technologies.

Headless Personalization Masterclass

Total time: ~50 min

Give marketers the power to create and preview personalized experiences on headless projects.