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Magnolia's all new certification program is a valuable way to showcase your newly acquired developer skills and highlight your experience in working with Magnolia 5.4+

Magnolia Certifications


Associate Developer certification

The Associate Developer certificate shows that you understand the fundamentals of Magnolia on a broad level and that you can work on a project as a member of a team of experienced developers. It is the first level of Magnolia Certification.

Targets: Developers who have attended Magnolia Basic Training or worked on Magnolia projects

Delivery Mode: Online and unsupervised

Fee: CHF 270- (Inclusive 8.0 % V.A.T.)

Coverage: General knowledge, project setup, apps, AdminCentral UX, templating, site development

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Attend training

Grab the chance to ask questions in person!

Take the opportunity to personally interact with the Magnolia team! The exam comes with the training package.

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Purchase a token

Having adequate Magnolia 5.4+ knowledge and experience qualifies you to take the Associate Developer Certification exam directly.

You will receive your login credentials within 3 business days after purchase.

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Contact us

Unsure how to proceed or how to prepare for the program?

Our services team is more than happy to advise you or provide assistance regarding the Magnolia certification program.

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Professional Developer Certification

The Professional Developer Certificate is awarded after a one-day project-based skills assessment conducted by a qualified Magnolia Expert has been administered. It serves as a proof that a developer has in-depth knowledge and is an expert in working with Magnolia including underlying technologies and development methodologies.

One-day assessment:

  • Project presentation
  • Oral examination

During the oral examination, the developer will be questioned about best practices, pitfalls and solutions.

Prerequisite: Associate Developer Certificate, Magnolia developer training, proof of projects, proof of project involvement

Targets: Partners and individuals with significant roles in a development team

Delivery Mode: Face-to-face

Fee: By quote


Site Developer Certification

A Site Developer Certificate confirms a developer's experience in website configuration with small projects using Magnolia.

An example of small projects would be landing pages or a website for small-sized companies.

The developer should have thorough experience in creating website structure, templating, using Magnolia Templating Essentials (MTE) and, most importantly, site definition.

Prerequisite: Associate Developer Certificate


Badging system

A badge is a visual representation of a newly acquired skill or learning. Each time a developer passes a certification exam or attends a Magnolia instructor-led training, he/she will get an additional badge.


About the Associate Developer Certificate exam.

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